Our School

Mission and Vision

Tec Walcheren wants to be a safe place for all immigrant children in Walcheren – a place where they can study and further their language development, in order to continue into mainstream education.

We want to achieve this by:

  • having a personal relationship with our students built on trust
  • thematic language teaching supported by the NT2 level and methods
  • tailoring education at an individual level
  • a balanced but lively working environment.
  • having a good relationship with parents and guardians alike
  • forward thinking and focussing on integration in Dutch society
  • an easy transfer into regular education

quality manual

You can find out about how we work at TEC in our quality manual.

This manual does not contain solid rules, moreover it contains agreements that we have made with each other during the school year that strengthen the quality of our education. The topics in the quality manual are regularly evaluated in meetings and if necessary, the agreements in the quality manual are adjusted or included in the annual plan.

The team and the classes

Tec Walcheren currently has 4 year groups, all of which are classified by age. Tec 1 is ar kindergarten level for year groups 1 and 2. Tec 2 is intended for students in year groups 3 and 4 in mainstream education, Tec 3 for children who would normally be in either years 5 and 6 and Tec 4 is for the children in upper years.

The number of students per class changes regularly, however each has a maximum of around 15 students alongside a is a teacher and teaching assistant. In addition to this, the school also employs a location manager, an internal supervisor, a professional management member and a game supervisor.

the school boards

Eight school boards of primary education at Walcheren joined forces in January 2014 to maintain an accessible school facility for children with a refugee background, whether or not residing at the AZC. In collaboration with the Municipality of Middelburg they have laid this down in a covenant.

The school boards involved are: Archipel schools, Onze Wijs, ABS, Vrije school, GPOWN, Prisma, VCPOZ, Joos van Larenschool.